Ultimate Calm Colouring Mandala Meditations


Ultimate Calm Colouring Mandala Meditations

Rentoudu tämän stressiä lievittävän meditatiivisten mandala-värityskirjan kanssa.  Kun alat värittää, vapautat sisäisen luovuutesi ja huomaat vähitellen pääseväsi rauhallisempaan mielentilaan.  Ei ole mitään sääntöjä. Aloita väritys jo tänään ja nauti meditatiivisesta rauhasta.



Relax and unwind with this stress-relieving colouring book of meditative mandalas. The art of colouring can help to focus the mind and still the mental chatter that saps our energy and causes stress and negative feelings. As you start to colour in these designs you will unleash your inner creativity and find yourself gradually moving to a more peaceful and calming state of mind. You can colour in as little or as much as you like, taking your time to develop your picture the way you want it. There are no hard or fast rules, you are truly free to create your own unique designs using pencils, pens or paints. Start colouring today and enjoy the still, quiet voice of calm this simple meditative practice will bring.


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